Train approaching bridge with mountains in the background
Approach to the White Bridge

The State Railways of Thailand

Trains are a great attraction in Thailand. Thailands’ railway system is around a century old and not that much has changed in all those years. That gives traveling by train a very special charm. The first train from Bangkok reached Chiang Mai in 1922. Traveling by train in Thailand is like a lovely and relaxing journey back in time. Most stations are still in their original state.

The first Chiang Mai railway station was destroyed by US bombers during World War Two. The railway station of Lampang is still in its original state. The trainride from Chiang Mai to Lampang is a very scenic one. We recommend the day train. It crosses the White Bridge at Tha Chomphoo before it passes through Khuntan National Park. It is the only railway in Thailand that passes through a protected area. Khuntan also has the longest railway tunnel in the country. This trainride is the best in Thailand!

Our railway journeys combine train travel with stops at destinations along the way such as Sukhothai Historical Park and Lampang.

Station with two cars in front
Lampang Railway Station