Chiang Mai Food Tour by samlor

This is a private tour. Your Chiang Mai Food Tour by Samlor is a tasty and historical trip. We will not only let you taste ten different snacks and dishes but we will also tell the story behind this food. There is a story behind everything you taste. Some of the food originated in countries such as Vietnam, China, India, and Burma and made its way somehow to Chiang Mai. You will also meet some of the people who produce or sell this food. It’s an interactive tour. The means of transportation is the traditional bicycle taxi aka the “samlor”. By using the samlor we support the mostly elderly drivers and hopefully preserve this tradition for the future. We only do this tour in the morning.

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From: 2,000.00 ฿

Chiang Mai Food Tour by samlor

A bewildering variety of food and drink

Your private Chiang Mai Food Tour by samlor will start at 0830 at Wat Loi Kroh. You will have to transfer from your hotel on your own. Here your samlor drivers and guide will be waiting for you. After an introduction and short instructions, we will be on our way. We will often stop for photos. Chiang Mai is a melting pot of Chinese, Indian, Vietnamese, Burmese, and western influences. You can find these influences in religious architecture but also in food, drinks, and snacks. Food is an intangible, living cultural heritage of Chiang Mai.

The historic Salapao shop

Over the centuries, migrants from these countries brought their favorite specialties along to Chiang Mai. More than anything else, the local food scene shows Chiang Mai’s enormous diversity when it comes to food. This morning we will let you taste a lot of delicious snacks and sweets. Don’t eat too much for breakfast!

We will visit the San Pakoy Market and stop at a historic “salapao” (Chinese bun) shop. There is a story behind each snack or drink on this tour. Of course, typical Thai snacks are also on the menu. At each stop, we take our time to chat with the vendors. We continue to Kad Luang, the complex of the two most famous markets of Chiang Mai: the Warorot and Ton Lamyai markets. There is plenty of time for interaction and pictures. At some places, you will see delicious snacks being prepared in front of you.

Woman making pancakes
Making khanom beuang, San Pakoy Market

We will drop you off at Thapae Gate at around 1230. We hope you enjoyed our Chiang Mai Food tour by samlor. Thanks on behalf of the samlor drivers.

Please note that we don’t run these tours on Sundays. If the tour takes place on Friday, we will also stop at the Ban Ho market on Friday morning opposite the Ban Ho Mosque. Of course, we can accommodate vegetarians on this trip. Please inform us before the trip. Thanks very much for joining this tour and supporting the samlor community of Chiang Mai. More things to do in Chiang Mai you will find here.