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Content and description of our tours

We update and improve our tours continuously. We monitor your feedback which sometimes results in improvements or changes in the program. Usually, these changes are just about details. We appreciate your feedback very much so please hold back.
Please check the “included” and “not included” sections listed under the tour description. Here you can check which services, meals, entrance fees, and other items are included and which are not. If there are any discrepancies in our description, please inform us as soon as possible. Also, please contact us as soon as possible if our guide forgot to include certain services or costs during the tour.

Temple ruin at Sukhothai Historical Park terms and conditions
Wat Chedi Si Hong at Sukhothai Historical Park

Website Terms and Conditions

1. Reservations:

We only guarantee reservations with payment made. If a confirmed accommodation is not available, we will provide the best possible alternative, in the same class or higher. If such accommodations are not available, we will compensate by upgrading accommodations in another location.

2. Insurance:

You are responsible for having proper and adequate travel insurance for the duration of the trip. We provide limited medical insurance according to the regulations of the Tourist Authority of Thailand.

3. Cancellation Fees:

Please send us an email to notify us of the cancellation of the tour. See below our cancellation fees. We only count working days.
Our office is open daily, except on Sundays and public holidays.
You can cancel free of charge up to 7 days before the start of our tour. Between 7 days and 48 hours before the start of services, we will charge you 50% of the tour costs. If you cancel less than 48 hours before the start of our tour, we will charge you 100% of the tour costs.
We reserve the right to give no refund in case of cancellation of the remaining program, in full or partial, by the travellers after they started the tour.

Bicycle taxi in front of a temple
Samlor driver Chun at Wat Phra Singh

4. Complaints and Feedback:

Fortunately, we receive very few complaints. We appreciate it if you communicate a complaint directly and immediately to our guide. You can also contact our office. We want to solve grievances as soon as possible. If there are any refunds to be paid by us, we would like to do that while you are still in Chiang Mai.
We appreciate all feedback on our tours so we can improve our services.

5. Force Majeure:

We define Force Majeure as: “Any circumstances beyond the reasonable control of a party which prevents or impede the due performance of our services including but not limited to war or hostilities; riot or civil commotion; epidemic; earthquake, flood or other natural disasters.”
We are not responsible or liable for costs or missed opportunity due to changes and /or cancellations in the program, or part(s) thereof due to Force Majeure.

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