Burmese style templ
Wat Rong Si Muang Lampang

We offer a number of Lampang Tours. Lampang is a major city located about 90kms south of Chiang Mai. The city used to be called Wiang Lakon or Khelang Nakhon. Lampang is the third biggest city in North Thailand, after Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. Until World War Two Lampang overshadowed Chiang Mai. The railroad from Bangkok reached Lampang in 1916. It took another 6 years for the railroad to reach Chiang Mai.

Khelang or Wiang Khelang was probably founded in the 9th century in the time of Queen Chamathewi of the Hariphunchai kingdom. By the time of King Rama V towards the end of the 19th century the name Mueang Nakhon Lampang was in general use. In many publications we found the name Lakon being used most often. Nowadays people use the name Lampang.

Lampang was a center of the teak logging industry from the late 1900s until World War Two. Companies such as the Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation, Borneo Company Ltd, the Anglo Siam Company and the Louis T.Leonowens Company had offices in Lampang. There was a British consulate from 1904 onwards. It was closed after World War Two. The British companies employed many Burmese and Shan (Tai Yai) people. They left their legacy in the form of heritage houses and temples.

Lampang gets far less visitors than Chiang Mai. We think that Lampang is very much worth visiting and that’s why we offer a number of Lampang tours. Tourism is less developed than in Chiang Mai. There are for instance no cooking courses or ziplines in Lampang.