Food for sale at a market
Fried food at the Ban Ho Market

Thai food

Food from Thailand is world famous. In every major city in the world you will find a Thai restaurant. Food is very important for Thai people. If you have traveled with Thai people abroad that will become clear. The Thai kitchen is

With Thai food we also include local northern food as well as Burmese, halal food, Tai Yai, Indian and Lao food.

Food of North Thailand

North Thailand has a diverse history. There are many ethnic groups and people of various nationalities and background that have left a mark. You will find that influence in architecture, local culture but also in food. During our samlor food tour you will also taste muslim food and Vietnamese food, for instance.

Cooking courses

With the spectacular growth of tourism the amount of different cooking classes has increased. Thai food is immensely popular. It started with the Chiang Mai Thai Cookery School but there are now close to a hundred cooking schools and classes. Cooking classes are very popular with visitors but it is not easy to select the best one.

Fresh food markets

Fresh food markets are great places to learn about local food and ingredients. The variety of food on offer is mind boggling. There are lots of delicious little delicacies, of which some sales people prepare in front of you. Very popular is the traditional Kantoke dinner. We can customize a tour for you if you are interested in Thai food.

Tai Lue women in traditional dress
Tai Lue women serving food during a Kantoke dinner