Fried pig skin
Mae Malai Market Kaeb Moo

Local Culture

With local culture, we mean everything from temple rituals, local markets, local food, local dress and local customs and traditions. It’s all about immersion in Thai culture. This means meeting people and interacting with people. We will visit a local temple, not one of the often visited temples. Here you will meet a Buddhist monk who will tell you about his life in the temple. We will visit local markets and house industries. We will avoid the touristy areas but take you to the real countryside where life still very much is traditional. You will eat in local restaurants. It is really what people call going native. We want to show you a lesser-visited area outside of Chiang Mai where history has stood still. Even though Chiang Mai has absorbed a lot of Western and other influences, you will find that it only takes a short drive outside of the city to encounter Thai life. Let us customise your tour full of local culture for you.