Old house with many windows
Ban Pong Nak Lampang

Lanna Architecture

With Lanna architecture, we mean the secular architecture of Lanna, not the temple architecture. The Lan Na or Lanna Kingdom was an Indianized state centred in present-day Northern Thailand from the 13th to 18th centuries. The style of Lanna house construction is particular. Lanna Houses are built on stilt and have verandas.

The house floor is raised high off the ground by several supporting pillars in anticipation of flooding in the rainy season and to provide a place under the house for such work as weaving, carving, and textile dyeing during the dry season.

The roof is slanted to provide a runoff for rain and hosts the distinct galae. Lanna design derives its name from this. The galae is an extension of the beams framing the two legs of the triangle forming the roof. It is in itself a masterpiece of woodcarving. There are several Lanna style houses in Chiang Mai, and there is the Lanna Traditional  House Museum. Places like Lampang and Phrae have Lanna style houses as well. If you are interested in traditional houses, we can put together a customized tour for you.

For the architecture lover, there is plenty to enjoy in North Thailand.