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Special Interest tours

We are the specialist in customized travel in North Thailand. We offer a number of special interest tours in Chiang Mai and North Thailand. These are either day tours or multiple day tours. Some of the subjects of our special interest tours: coffee, Lanna architecture, tribal culture, the Burmese heritage of Chiang Mai, Tai Yong and Tai Lue culture, opium and history of the Kuomintang in North Thailand.

If you have a special interest in any subject such as temple architecture, archeology, a certain handicraft, please let us know. Recently we organised a tour to Chiang Mai, Lampang and Phrae for a guest whose grandfather worked for one of the British teak logging companies in Chiang Mai before World War Two. We showed him around and were able to find historical places using old pictures as reference. Chiang Mai a la Carte is after all the specialist in customized travel in North Thailand.

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