Scheduled Tours

All scheduled tours can be customized.

join-in tours

We offer a number of tours with fixed departures. At the moment all of these tours are festival tours. Some are small group “join-in” tours. We only take a maximum of 8 persons on join-in day tours and 6 persons on multiple day join-in tours. Others are private tours such as our two Loy Krathong tours.

Theme Tours

Our scheduled tours have a focus, such as a festival, or a theme. They are special interest tours. The theme can be tribal culture, Lanna architecture, Buddhist temples, handicrafts, history, opium or a certain festival. These itineraries can also be booked as a private tour for individuals or for special groups on request.


Each participant will receive a detailed itinerary before the tour. We put a lot of time and effort into these itineraries.


Our guides are professional and the best in the business.

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