Chiang Mai a la Carte – Office staff

Ms Naruemon Naimongkol

Ms Naruemon Naimongkol, nickname Aom, is our Sales and Operations Manager. Aom was born in Chiang Rai. She graduated from Lampang Rajabhat University and majored in English. She has been working for travel companies in Chiang Mai since 2004. In 2007 she took a job at an export company to get some other work experience. She is charge of our office staff.

She enjoyed the new experience but soon found out her heart is in the travel industry. In 2009 she applied for a job with Khiri Travel. In 2011 she started working for Tiger Trail Thailand, a company that was re-branded as Green Trails in late 2015. Chiang Mai a la Carte is a brand of Green Trails.

At Chiang Mai a la Carte/Green Trails she has been responsible for the growing success over the past years. She is one of the mainstays of the company.

Woman on a bridge. Office staff.
Naruemon Nai in China during our last staff trip

Aom is very active in visiting the communities we work with and visiting new areas. She is a pivotal person when it comes to the organisation of our School and University trips.

She loves to travel, read and surf the Internet. Travelling around the world is her dream. She is eager to learn about other cultures and visit new places.

Nuch Sathidwana, our accountant

Mrs Woranuch Sathidwana, nickname Nuch, was born in Chomthong, not far from Chiang Mai. She is our accountant. Nuch takes care of all things financial but also is an essential part of the Green Trails/Chiang Mai a la Carte family. She is our accounting office staff.

Nuch loves animals, and her favourite pet is a guinea pig, called Tualek. She lives with her husband near Saraphi. They also take care of two cats, of which they post pictures on Facebook regularly.

woman raises both arms in the forest. Office staff.
Nuch Sadthidwana in the forest
Nuch trekking on Doi Inthanon

In her free time she like watching TV, surfing the internet and travelling. After finishing the Thonburi University, she became an accountant. She loves nature and has always had a great interest in eco-tourism activities. She is calm, respectful and always pushes herself to do the best job she can. Nuch has been with us since the beginning of the company. She often goes on a survey with our sales manager Naruemon Nai.

Three women trekking
Nuch and friends trekking

Her hometown is near Doi Inthanon National Park. It is a beautiful area with many Karen villages, great nature trails and lovely rice terraces. Green Trails, our sister brand, has been developing tours in this area recently, notably for school and university groups.

Frans Betgem, a passionate man

Next office staff we want to introduce is Frans Betgem. Since 1988 he has been involved in the travel industry, first as a tour leader/tour organiser for a Dutch company called Baobab. He worked in Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia and Australia. Frans hails from the Netherlands.

In 1993 he co-founded Khiri Travel, a destination management company based in Bangkok. From then onwards he was involved in the management of this company with his friend and partner Willem Niemeijer. Frans created many of the innovative tours which, amongst others, made Khiri Travel one of the most highly respected companies in Southeast Asia. In 2012 Frans stepped back from the management to devote himself to projects of smaller scale. He founded Green Trails, a company that specialises in active and outdoor tours in North Thailand.

Frans holds a bachelor’s degree in history from the University of Amsterdam. Travel, history and Chiang Mai are his passions, besides music, animals and sports. He is an avid cyclist.

Chiang Mai and Frans

In 1998 Frans moved from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. His first visit to Chiang Mai was in November 1987 during a backpacking trip. After his retirement from Khiri Travel in 2012, Frans became more and more interested in the history of Chiang Mai and North Thailand. He started to collect old photographs. In 2014 he started a website called Chiang Mai Then and Now. Frans is a great fan of “Then and Now” pictures. Sometimes you can see him roaming the streets of Chiang Mai, making comparative photos of old images of street scenes.

In 2016 he started a Facebook group called “Chiang Mai Memories“, devoted to pictures and stories of old Chiang Mai. The group now has more than 1000 members and is growing. Several Chiang Mai history buffs also post regularly on the group page.

In 2018 he changed the name of the Chiang Mai Then and Now website to Travel and History because he also wanted to write about other subjects and places, other than Chiang Mai.

Frans and Chiang Mai a la Carte

In 2013 Frans started the Chiang Mai a la Carte website. He loves trekking and the outdoors. His keen interest in Thai history and culture however inspired him to start a site that specialises in unusual and customised tours. All the tours Chiang Mai a la Carte offers have been researched by Frans and his team. Frans has made lists of Chiang Mai Heritage Houses and Historical Buildings as well as Chiang Mai Historical sites. Work is ongoing on these lists.

Initially, Frans wanted to highlight exciting festivals on the website other than the usual ones such as the Flower Festival, Loy Krathong and Songkran. Festivals are still featured on the site but Chiang Mai a la Carte now focuses on tours that offer something different, personal, interactive and more in-depth than the standard tours on offer.

Frans travels to the Philippines

In 2013 the AFOS Foundation from Germany hired Frans as a consultant for a community-based project on the Visayas in the Philippines. Green Trails hosted two groups of stakeholders in the project from the Philippines in Chiang Mai. It culminated in the foundation of a Destination Management Company called Travel Authentic Philippines in 2016. In those year Frans visited the Philippines several times a year. He still is one of the shareholders of Travel Authentic Philippines and travels there regularly.

Frans loves the Deep South of Thailand

Frans loves Thailand and has travelled extensively in the kingdom. Recently he has visited the Deep South several times. Many countries have a travel warning for the four provinces Songkhla, Pattani, Narathiwat and Yala. This area has been suffering from a violent conflict between the Islamic minority and Thai authorities. You can find a report of Frans’ 2018 trip to the Deep South here.

He has visited Songkhla several times over the last couple of years. Songkhla was known as Singora in the past and had many historical sites of great interest.