Tribal woman harvesting coffee
Coffee harvest at Suan Lahu

Suan Lahu Organic Coffee Farm

Suan Lahu is an organic coffee farm in the mountains about 50 km north of Chiang Mai. It takes about one hour drive to get there. We organise a full-day tour to this lovely organic coffee plantation.

The mission of this organic coffee farm is to set a local example of sustainable land and resource use in the mountains. In practising eco-agriculture at the farm, this farm shows an alternative to the farming practices that endanger the health of young and old people.

Carina zur Strassen is the co-founder of the coffee plantation. She is an anthropologist and a long time resident of Chiang Mai. The farm team of Suan Lahu is all about long-lasting friendship and cooperation.

The team has been hand-roasting coffee since early 2009. During a visit to the coffee farm, you will learn everything about cultivating, harvest and roasting coffee beans. The workers on the farm mostly come from a nearby Lahu village.

The Lahu are one of the tribal groups in North Thailand. They have an interesting history and also special traditions and customs. Before you leave you will certainly taste one or more cups of coffee. The coffee of Suan Lahu is also available at a limit amount of supermarkets in Chiang Mai. The Rimping Supermarket is one of them.

Hand picking a coffee bean
Suan Lahu coffee bean

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