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Khun Yuam is the capital town of the district of the same name in Mae Hong Son province. It is somewhat a backwater. Not many tourists visit the town or stay there. The town is probably most wellknown for the Thai-Japanese Memorial Museum. During World War Two a Japanese engineer unit was based in the town constructing a road that ultimately should have connected Thailand and Burma. The Japanese soldiers made many friends in Khun Yuam and there are still lasting relationships. The Museum is well worth a visit. Many of the exhibits are related to World War Two but there are also sections on local history and on Shan culture. Not far from Khun Yuam on the way to Mae Chaem is the Mae Surin Waterfall in the national park of the same name. This area sees many visitors in November and December as the rolling hills are covered with Mexican sunflowers. We recommend a visit to Khun Yuam. We like the place!