Mountain with corn
Doi Luang Chiang Dao

Charming Chiang Dao

Chiang Dao is a district in Chiang Mai province located about 87 km north of the City of Chiang Mai. In the past, it was a smaller city-state in the Lanna kingdom. The town of the same name is the district capital. Doi Luang Chiang Dao is the third highest mountain in Thailand. All twelve tribal groups that live in North Thailand seem to live in this district. These are the Akha, Lisu, Lahu, Karen, Palong, Kachin, Hmong but we don’t know of any Yao living in the district.

The district has been a very popular trekking area for many years. The Chiang Dao Elephant Camp was one of the first venues where an elephant show and elephant rides were offered. The district is also a popular rafting and kayaking destination. The Ping River flows through it. The district also has a wildlife sanctuary of the same name. We offer quite a number of tours to this destination.

Apart from trekking and other adventure activities this district also has a number of other interesting attractions such as the Chiang Dao Caves, Wat Tham Pha Plong, Wat Mae Ead and Wat Doi Mon Ching. The Doi Luang Chiang Dao dominates the landscape. It is the third highest mountain in Thailand. In the cold season, it was possible to hike up this mountain and stay overnight just under the summit. In the past few years, the mountain often has been closed for visitors.

Three people in tribal dress
Lisu people in Chiang Dao

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