Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most frequently asked questions:

1 – What is the best time of the year to visit North Thailand?

I will just get into this month by month
January – very good. Early January will see many local tourists at destinations such as Doi Inthanon, Doi Angkhang. It is still part of the Christmas and New Year holidday for Thai people. It can be busy at quite a few places. Weather should good during daytime and cold at night. Usually very little rain in January.

February – very good. It is going towards the end of the cool season. Still pleasant temperatures. Getting hotter during the day. Views are getting more hazy. Usually very little rain in February.

March – the first two weeks are fine. Usually very little rain in March. The last two weeks are less pleasant. Very dry and hot. The quality of the air suffers from the burning season. Not the best time of the year. Unfortunately the end of March also is the time the annual Poy Sang Long ceremony takes place.

April – the first two weeks are usually very hot. Air quality is not so good due to the burning season. April 13 is the day of the Buddhist New Year. The Songkran festival takes place from April 12 until 15. Great time to be in Chiang Mai. During this period the first rain showers normally occur.

May – this month is low season. It rains occasionally which is refreshing and turns everything green. Still a good month to be in North Thailand. Air quality improves.

June – another low season month although it’s not as much low season as it used to be. It rains more often than in May and it is usually very hot. The more rain, the better the air quality. Quiet. Good month to visit.

July – the rainy or “green season”. Increasing rainfall. It usually rains at the end of the day or overnight. Skies are clear and air quality good. July is quite busy with visitors. Good month to visit.

August – the rainy or “green season”. Increasing rainfall building up towards the wettest month which is September. Busy with visitors in the first two weeks. Good month to visit.

September – the wettest month. It can rain a couple of days in a row. Great air quality and clear skies. September is a low season month in North Thailand. The sunny days can be some of the most beautiful in the year. Good month to visit but can be wet.

October – lovely month which sees the transition from the rainy season to the cool season. There will be rain but less than in September. Really beautiful month.

November – some rain but less and less wet towards the end of the month. Really nice month.

December – usually dry. Nice during the day. Cool at night and sometimes quite cold for tropical countries. Between Christmas and New Year very busy with many local people traveling as well. Good month to visit.

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