Hiking and Biking in Chiang Mai

What is this tour about? We will take you to a peaceful and beautiful mountain village. The hike through the forest is a spiritual experience. Take your time and enjoy the relaxing experience of a forest walk. We recommend you to turn off your phone and enjoy your digital detox for a couple of days. Tourism has improved the lives of people in Mae Kampong tremendously. On the second day, we will take you to Ban Thi, a district of endless ricefields and mountain scenery. It is the country of the Tai Lue people. You will learn about their culture and history and help local people. It will raise awareness and appreciation of their unique heritage.

Price per person in THB
2 pax3 pax4 pax5  pax6  pax7 pax8 pax

Total approximate driving time:
Day 1 – one and a half hours
Day 2 – one and a half hours

Lush forests and endless rice fields

Day 1: Chiang Mai – Mae Kampong

Your guide will meet you at the hotel at 0800 for your hiking and biking in the Chiang Mai tour. We drive to Mae Kampong, a scenic village in the mountains around Chiang Mai. This will take about one hour. After arrival in Mae Kampong, there is time for a coffee before we take a local truck to bring us to the start of our hike. From the Kew Fin viewpoint, you have a great view of Chiang Mai and its surroundings if the skies are clear. Then we enter the Chaeson National Park.

Forest bathing in Mae Kampong’s lush forest

Today you can hike up to the summit of Doi Mon Lan, about 45 mins up, and then descend to Mae Kampong. We can also take a more accessible trail directly down to the village. It’s up to you. It’s a private trip, so we are very flexible. Although Mae Kampong attracts many visitors, few people explore the trails through the forest. We seldom meet other people. Enjoy the serenity and quietness of the forest.

Homestay in Mae Kampong

Along the way, we will enjoy a picnic lunch. After lunch, we will continue to the Mae Kampong waterfall. We descend along the waterfall, a short hike to the village. We will check into our comfortable homestay. You can have dinner on your own. Your guide can recommend a restaurant.

Day 2: Mae Kampong – Ban Thi – Chiang Mai

From the mountains to the rice fields

If you want, we can visit the local temple early and give the monks alms. Enjoy breakfast at your homestay. After breakfast, we leave the mountains and drive to Ban Thi District.  Ban Thi District has beautiful countryside with rice fields and sugar palms with mountains in the background. This is the district where the Tai Lue people live. Our first stop will be a small temple on a hilltop: Wat Prathat Doi Hang Bat. A beautiful naga staircase leads to this small and seldom visited temple. Your guide will tell you the legend of this temple while you enjoy the magnificent view over the surrounding countryside. If you are lucky (as I was), you can get a clear view of the mountain Doi Suthep.

The country of the Tai Lue

We will drive to the starting point of our bicycle ride. After hiking, it is now time for biking in Chiang Mai. It is an easy ride, flat and about 7-8 km in length. We will ride through the rice fields from village to village. This is the country of the Tai Lue people. The Tai Lue people originally come from South China. About 200 years ago, they migrated to areas around Chiang Mai, such as Ban Thi and Doi Saket.

They have their language, which is similar to the Northern Thai language. Few people still speak this language, unfortunately. We will stop at several houses where people traditionally make rice cakes and bamboo baskets. We will also visit their small museum. Chiang Kham is the center of Tai Lue culture in North Thailand. After returning to where we started the ride, we continued to San Kamphaeng.

Phet Wiriya, the master woodcarver

The workshop and museum of Phet Wiriya is our next destination: the House of Many Elephants (Baan Jang Nak). Phet is the master woodcarver of wooden elephants and a gifted painter. He is a Tai Yong. His family is Tai Lue people from Muang Yong in Shan State. They are called Tai Yong.

The House of Many Elephants is one of our favorite places in Chiang Mai. You will see elephants in all shapes and sizes. The museum also exhibits beautiful paintings depicting the migration of his ancestors to Chiang Mai. After this, it is time to drive back to Chiang Mai. We hope you enjoyed our Hiking and Biking in Chiang Mai tour.

Wooden elephants
Ban Jang Nak elephants


Comfortable and safe transportation

Great Mae Kampong coffee

Two lunches and one breakfast

Mae Kampong Waterfall

Great trekking in the forest (“forest bathing”)

Lovely rural scenery of Baan Thi District

Bicycle ride

Tai Lue Cultural Experience

The House of Many Elephants


What is included

English speaking guide
Local guide in Mae Kampong
Transportation by AC minibus
Accommodation in a village lodge
Two lunches and one breakfast
Entrance fees
Drinking water during meals
Limited Medical Insurance

What is not included

All drinks except water during meals
Personal expenses
Traditional massage


Day 1:
08.00 – Departure from hotel
09.30 – Arrival at Mae Kampong village and meet local guide, drive to the ranger station of Chaesorn National Park
10.00 – Visit Kew Fin View Point
10.15 – Start hiking
12.00 – Picnic lunch in the jungle
12.30 – Visit waterfall
13.00 – The trek ends at the village,
13.15 – Visit around the village
15.00 – Check into homestay and relax

Day 2:
07.00 – Visit local temple and give alms to the monks
08.00 – Breakfast at homestay
09.00- Depart from Mae Kampong to Ban Thi
10.00 – Stop to visit Wat Prathat Doi Hang Bat
10.30 – Start bike ride around Ban Thi arra
12.00 – End of the biking trip
12.30 – Lunch at local restaurant
13.30 – Drive to San Kamphaeng
14.30 – Visit Ban Jang Nak
15.30 – Return back to hotel
16.30 – Drop off at the hotel

What to bring

Hiking shoes with good grip
Sun cream
Insect repellent (DEET medicated)
Sun glasses
Small backpack