Wat Sri Rong Muang, the Pa’O Temple

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Wat Sri Rong Muang, the Pa'O temple

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Wat Sri Rong Muang: introduction

The Wat Sri Rong Muang is a Shan-style temple in Lampang. The design of the roofs is very much like that of Wat Nantaram, the Shan-style temple in Chiang Kham. Wat Nantaram is actually a Pa-O temple.

Kyaung daga Inta and Mae Kyaung Daga Kam On, a couple from Burma, donated the land on which Burmese carpenters and craftsmen constructed the temple. It took them seven years, from 1905 until 1912, to finish the building. Kyaung Daga Nanta Noi and other Pa-O merchants had made merit together to fund the construction of the temple.

Burmese style temple Wat Sri Rong Muang
Undated picture of the temple provided by K.Manaspee Dacha.

Wat Nantaram in Chiang Kham

A Pa’O trader from Burma funded the construction of this spectacular temple in Chiang Kham, Phayao province. Maintenance of Wat Nantaram is a lot better than that of Wat Sri Rong Muang.

Wooden temple in afternoon light
Wat Nantaram, Chiang Kham district, Phayao province, in the late afternoon

Involvement of the Pa-O people

A wood inscription in front of the pagoda states: “The Pagoda built in 1902 by Grandmother Kyaung Khong Pa–O”. This proves that there were Pa-O people involved in the construction of the temple. According to information at the temple, there were several structures on the temple compound.

The current temple is the only building left. Jong Taga Inta worked for the Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation, one of the British companies involved in the teak industry. In those days the Shan people and the Pa’O people were British subjects. At first, the name of the temple was Wat Ta Krao Noi Phama. Later on, they changed that to Wat Sri Rong Muang in honor of the couple who donated the land. In 1931 a man named Sang To Rattanakamole was the driving force behind a major restoration.

old building Wat Sri Rong Muang
Chedi and Buddha statue
Chedi and Buddha statue
Buddha statues Wat Sri Rong Muang
Buddha statues in the viharn

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man in front of temple Wat Sri Rong Muang
Frans Betgem at the temple

Some facts about the temple

The temple is on 65 Wang Khwa Road. You can get to the temple by horse cart. The temple is open from 0600 until 1800. There is a 20THB entrance fee per person.

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