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Chiang Mai History

I have written all the blogs about Chiang Mai History. I am specifically interested in the history of the teak industry in North Thailand. The site features blogs about the East Asiatic Company and the Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation. There are a couple of blogs about heritage houses such as the Louis T.Leonowens House in Lampang and the Wongluekiat House in Chiang Mai.

Buddhist Temples

I have written many Chiang Mai History blogs about Buddhist Temples in North Thailand. Over time I will add more blogs about this subject. Some blogs I had to change into a page because the subject is like a cornerstone of the website. There are quite a few blogs about temples in Lampang. Examples are the blogs about Wat Mon Puyak and Wat Mon Chamsin. As far as I know, they contain information you will not be able to find anywhere else. That is what I strive for.

Man in front of temple
Frans Betgem at Wat Mon Puyak

Luang Yonakarn aka Luang Yo

Old temple Luang Yonakarn

Table of Contents The Luang Yo House on the compound of the Diamond Hotel in 2020 Luang Yonakarn Phichit, a Burmese merchant in Chiang Mai Luang Yonakarn Phichit (1845-1927) was a Burmese merchant and nobleman from Moulmein. His original name was Mong Panyo or U Panyo.In the early 20th century he was one of the […]

The Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation

Wooden bridge with logs Chiang Mai Timeline

Players after a polo match at the BBTC compound in Phrae. Source: Table of Contents Founding of the Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation The founding story of the Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Ltd or Company (BBTC abbreviated) is quite complicated. Involved were the six Wallace Brothers, who in different combinations traded in tea, cotton, coffee, […]

The East Asiatic Company in Siam

Old office building

The East Asiatic Company in Siam Table of Contents A young Danish entrepreneur in Siam Hans Niels Andersen, the founder of East Asiatic Company (EAC), was born in the village Nakskow, Denmark, in 1852. He was into shipping at a young age. Trained as a shipbuilder, they hired him as a carpenter on a ship. […]

Wiang Tha Kan, the forgotten Ancient City

bicycle in front of ruined temple

Wiang Tha-Kan , the forgotten ancient city Table of Contents A forgotten ruined settlement Wiang Tha Kan (เวียงท่ากาน) is an ancient settlement and archaeological site, about 35 km south of Chiang Mai. In and around the current village there are 22 archaeological sites, mostly ruins of temples. The settlement was rectangular, 500 by 700 meters […]