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Man on old wall
Frans walking the old city walls of Phrae

Interesting stories and pictures of North Thailand

The Chiang Mai Chronicle is a shared newsletter from Green Trails and Chiang Mai a la Carte. It contains news and interesting information about tours and destinations in North Thailand. My name is Frans Betgem. I am the founder of Green Trails, Chiang Mai a la Carte, and the Facebook group Chiang Mai Memories.

Passion for Travel and North Thailand

in 1998 I settled in Chiang Mai to run the North Thailand office of Khiri Travel. In those days I traveled a lot in Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos but since 2012 I am based in Chiang Mai. I have dedicated my time to develop Green Trails and Chiang Mai a la Carte. In 2016 my passion for the history of Chiang Mai and North Thailand resulted in the founding of the Facebook group Chiang Mai Memories.

Travel and History

In 2018 I felt the need to start a separate blog site Travel and History because I wanted to write about other subjects such as the travel advisory and the Deep South of Thailand. At that time I didn’t realize that all these websites need attention and that consumes a lot of time. Meanwhile, I also got involved in Travel Authentic Philippines, a Destination Management Company in the Philippines.

Chiang Mai Chronicle

Why the Chiang Mai Chronicle? I travel a lot and do a lot of research. The results of this research I want to share with as many people as possible. I think I have interesting stories and photos to share because I look into topics that have never been researched before.