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Chiang Mai a la Carte blogs

It is hard to give an overview of the Chiang Mai a la Carte blogs. There is a very wide range of subjects. Many of the blogs are about Chiang Mai history but there are also many about Buddhist temples. Frans Betgem has written all the blogs for this website. Some of the blogs are very special to him such as the ones about the temples Wat Chedi Luang and Wat Phra Singh in Chiang Mai. He keeps on adding content to these blogs.

Horsecart in front of the temple
Horsecart in front of the temple

The Monk’s Trail to Wat Phra That Doi Suthep

Some Chiang Mai a la Carte Blogs are continuously under construction. Wat Pha Lat, the temple on the trail, has become more popular and has been under construction itself for a long time. This wonderful temple has been neglected for many years but has now become a very popular tourist attraction on Doi Suthep. The abbot is very active so the temple attracts many donations for Thai Buddhists.

The Teak Industry in North Thailand

Frans has written a number of Chiang Mai a la Carte blogs about the history of the teak industry in North Thailand. These cover subjects such as the Louis T.Leonowens House in Lampang and the Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation. Other interesting blogs are about the East Asiatic Company and the Burmese teak trader Luang Yonakarn Phichit. More blogs are to follow! We are not done yet. Frans wants to publish at least one blog per month.


Lampang: the Louis Leonowens House

Horse cart in front of old house East Asiatic Company

Lampang: the Louis Leonowens House Table of Contents The Louis Leonowens House in Lampang The Louis Leonowens House is the former residence of Louis T. Leonowens and the office of the Louis T.Leonowens company. “Baan Louis”, as it is known locally, is in the “forestry neighborhood’ of Lampang. The location is not far from the […]

The Chiang Mai Songkran Festival

Ladies playing with water

The Chiang Mai Songkran Festival Table of Contents The Chiang Mai Songkran Festival The Chiang Mai Songkran festival in Thailand is the traditional Buddhist New Year. April 13 is the official New Years Day. It is the biggest festival in the country. The word “Songkran” comes from the Sanskrit word saṃkrānti, which means transformation or change. Songkran is celebrated nationwide although […]

The Wongluekiat House in Chiang Mai

House on stilts Wongluekiat House

A mysterious wooden house on stilts A Muslim trader called Ch’un Chowng-lin, aka Zheng Chong Ling, built the Wongluekiat House around 1909. This wooden house on stilts is opposite the Ban Ho Mosque on Charoenprathat Road Soi 1. This is the location of the popular Friday morning Yunnan market.  Most Chiang Mai residents have seen […]

Handcrafted and Customized Private Tours

Wooden temple and garden

Customized private tours vs join tours All our tours are customized private tours unless stated otherwise. It means that our guide and our vehicle are at your service throughout the trip. Private tours are not cheap, but if you can afford them, private tours are definitely worth it. There are, for instance, more affordable ways […]