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Boys on trekking

Trekking in North Thailand

Trekking in North Thailand was one of the first tourist activities when tourists started to arrive in numbers in the 70’s. Typical treks used to include one or more overnights in a village of one of the tribes, a river trip by bamboo raft, a ride on the back of an elephant and, if available, a pipe of opium. Opium and elephants have disappeared from trek routes but trekking is still one of the most popular activities.  Anyway, those days are over. Trekkings nowadays are less primitive but not less exciting and fun. There is now a much wider choice of other activities in Chiang Mai and North Thailand so most people go on a two or three day trek. Elephant riding is not possible anymore. There are no elephant camps anymore in trekking areas. Bamboo rafting is still available at some destinations. We offer numerous Chiang Mai trekking adventures. Our partner company Green Trails is specialised in trekking and hiking tours to many different destinations in North Thailand. There are some good one day adventures possible in the vicinity of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. Most visitors go on a two day/one night trek but if you are interested in a more in-depth and remote experience programs of three and four days are still available.

From: 3,900.00 ฿