The Poy Sang Long Ceremony takes place each year between March 20 and mid-April in many temples in North Thailand. In Chiang Mai there are two temples where Poy Sang Long is celebrated but there are other locations in North Thailand where you can witness this ceremony. The festival is essentially Shan or Tai Yai and means “ordaining the beloved sons”. Young boys from 7 to 14 years old go to the temple to be ordained as novices. They will learn the tenets of Buddhist teaching and the self-discipline required of a monk. After being ordained they will stay in the monastery for a period of time that can Poy Sang Long is a very colourful and spectular ceremony, not to be missed. During the ceremony the temple grounds are bustling with activity during daytime and in the evening . Family and friends of the boys are there as well as many visitors. There are food stalls and there is music and entertainment. They boys are carried around the temple on the shoulders of their older male relatives.


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