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The Loi Krathong Festival is celebrated nationwide. The dates depends on the moon calendar. The festival is one of the most spectacular in Thailand. Chiang Mai is a great place to experience the Loy Krathong Festival.

Each year the Loi Krathong Festival features activities at various venues throughout the city such boat races on the Mae Ping River, Yipeng lantern procession and contest, Beauty contest, and Krathong parades and contests. The dates of the Loy Krathong Festival always cause plenty of confusion. They change every year depending on the full moon. Loy Krathong is not an official public holiday in Thailand. The Loy Krathong Festival is one of the most interesting and fascinating festivals in Thailand. We offer a scheduled Chiang Mai Loy Krathong package tour.

The history of Loy Krathong Festival is rather obscure. Some believe that Krathong was first created by Tao Sri Chulalak or Nang Noppamas in Sukothai. Others overlook its origin yet focus on the purposes of the ritual: to pay respect to the Goddess of the Water showing their gratitude on their plentiful use of water and ask for forgiveness in the ensuing pollution. Floating the beautiful Krathong away is the key activity of the Loy Krathong Festival. It also refers to flying away misfortune and bad things in the past and asking for good luck in the future. Although it is not a national holiday, many activities other than floating Krathong, are conducted in this festival, such as, contests of Krathong-making and Noppamas beauty pageants, local games and performances and you can join this spectacular occasion at Chiang Mai where it is specifically called Yee Peng – floating of lanterns into the sky.