Ban Mae Sa Mai Trekking Hmong village
Ban Mae Sa Mai Trekking

Hiking Tours

What is the difference between hiking and trekking? Hiking is more like walking leisurely. Walking is good for you and on foot you see so much more than out of a vehicle. Trekking is an activity that takes a good physician condition, take place in natural and mountainous areas. Trekking usually takes at least a day and there are trekking programs of up to five days. During our tours we try to hike every day for a few kilometres. This can be one hike or several hikes.

We offer numerous Chiang Mai trekking adventures. Our partner company Green Trails is specialised in trekking and hike tours to many different destinations in North Thailand. There are some good one day hike adventures possibles in the vicinity of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. If you are interested in leisurely hikes let us put together a customized program for you. It’s worth it.