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Dancers and musicians during Songkran Parade
Songkran Parade

North Thailand has many festivals, both national and local. Experiencing one of these during your tour will add value and a lot of enjoyment to your trip. Many of these events are quite well known such as Songkran, Loy Krathong and the Flower Festival. There are numerous other events such as Poy Sang Long and Salak Yom in Lamphun. If you happen to be in Thailand when one of these events takes place you really can’t miss it. It’s unforgettable experience. It is not easy but we will try to avoid the crowds. For instance, Songkran in Lamphun is very different and much more traditional than in Chiang Mai. Even in Chiang Mai you can avoid the boisterous tourist areas and focus on the traditional way of Songkran. There are lots of smaller festivals such as tribal new year festivities, the yearly hill tribe festival in Chiang Rai and local events that get very little publicity. We do our best to include an event in your itinerary if it is available.