Three bicycles in the sun
Three bicycles

Bicycle Tours

Cycling is a very popular and relaxing way to explore the Thai countryside, visit villages, meet local people, visit seldom visited temples, in short to get to know the real daily life of Thai people. In the past 10 years cycling has become hugely popular in Thailand.  Co van Kessel was the pioneer of bicycle tours in Bangkok. It took a while before that came to Chiang Mai and North Thailand. There are now about 15 bicycle companies in Bangkok and more than 5 in Chiang Mai. North Thailand has a lot to offer for bicycling enthusiasts. In sync with the interest of tourists in cycling the activity became very popular amongst local people as well. On every given morning you can see cyclists pedalling up Doi Suthep mountain. There are companies offering recreational bicycle tours and companies that offer downhill mountain biking trips. Multiple day bicycle tours are available as well. Bicycles come in all sizes and there are companies that have carts for children.