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Bamboo rafts have been a means of transportation on North Thailand’s waterways for centuries. Road construction made them obsolete but they are still very popular with tourists. Thailand is a tropical country with a very active monsoon season, and so everywhere around the mountains, you are also sure to find water somewhere. Your bamboo rafting adventure may begin right alongside a village, or involve a short truck ride up stream. The guides who look after you on your raft adventure are often clever and speak a good bit of English. They understand that rafting has some aspect of danger to it and will use humor to liven up the experience and help calm vacationers’ nerves in the process.

Rivers that still offer bamboo rafting at the Ping, Mae Taeng, Mae Chaem and Yuam rivers. Rafting on the Ping River is not very exciting but  for those who prefer a leisurely and relaxed rafting trip it is always nice. Cover yourself against the sun. The Mae Taeng River can become very wild and exciting in the rainy season. After heavy rainfall we might be forced to cancel the rafting on the Mae Taeng River.

The Pai river in Mae Hong Son province also offers good bamboo rafting.

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