Private Phrae Tours and Trips

Phrae is one of the “unseen” destinations in North Thailand. It is a quiet town with a lot of interesting sights and a great atmosphere. Tourism is not that much developed making a trip to Phrae a wonderful experience. Highly recommended.

Private Phrae Tours and Trips

The charming town of Phrae can certainly be called an “unseen” destination. Despite having a number of attractions and great atmosphere few tourists visit Phrae. That can also be called one of the main attractions of Phrae. We offer a number of Phrae tours and trips.

The history of Phrae goes back to the year 829. It was established by the Mon people and was part of the Haripunchai Kingdom. Phrae used to have extensive teak forests and in the late 1800’s British teak logging companies such as the Bombay Burma Trading Corporation became active in Phrae. The town became a centre of the teak trade which resulted in Shan influences in temple architectures and houses. Many of the teak merchants came from Shan State in Burma. Phrae also was a centre of tobacco industry.

With a rich tradition in handicrafts and textile weaving, Phrae is famous throughout Thailand for its blue mo hom shirts. Today, even university professors, bank managers and politicians like to sport this “symbol of solidarity” with rural Thai life. Temple architecture in Phrae shows signs of Lanna, Burmese, Shan and Lao influences. Phrae was once part of a Burmese kingdom. The Lao influences are directly attributable to the proximity of Laos and former associations with the 15th century Lao Kingdom of Lan Xang. Further Burmese and Shan influences can be traced back to the period of teak logging.

The most interesting Shan-style temples are Wat Chom Sawan and Wat Sra Bo Keo, both of which boast fine Burmese influenced Chedis. Contrasting Lao influences can be seen at Wat Si Chum and Wat Phra Non, amongst several other Lao-style temples. Perhaps the best-known Buddhist place of worship is Wat Phra That Cho Hae, built on a hill eight kilometers east of the town center. Five separate flights of stairs lead up the hill covered with teak trees.

Let us customise your Phrae Tours and Trips.

These are some of the Phrae Tours and Trips we offer:

CMB08 Lampang and Phrae Explorer – 3 days/2 nights Includes Thai Elephant Conservation Center, train ride, Wat Lampang Luang and Phrae
CMB09 Phrae and Lampang – 4 days/3 nights Includes Phrae, Thai Elephant Conservation Center, train ride and Wat Lampang Luang




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