Chiang Mai Handicrafts tours

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Chiang Mai Handicrafts tours

Chiang Mai Handicrafts tours highlight Chiang Mai as the handicraft capital of Thailand. That is what Chiang Mai definitely is. Most of the handicrafts sold on Bangkok’s markets have been made in North Thailand. So what is better than going to the source? A handicraft is any of a wide variety of types of work where useful and decorative objects are made completely by hand or by using only simple tools.

For anyone looking for antiques, exquisite wood carving, jewellery, textiles such as silk and cotton, laquerware, bronze ware, stoneware, silver, pottery and celadon, parasols and umbrellas, Chiang Mai is a veritable paradise. Over the years many tours to places where these products are manufactured have become shopping tours. The Chiang Mai Handicrafts tour is not about shopping. You might want to buy the odd souvenir here or there but there is no pressure to buy anything.

We can take you to a wide variety of places in Chiang Mai and environs where products are being handmade. The itinerary will depend on your specific interests but we can bring you, for instance, to places where sa paper (paper made of the bark of the sa tree) is being produced. We prefer the smaller shops and in many cases they don’t even sell anything. We can take you to a family run business that produce unique wooden dolls and figures. You can observe the whole manufacturing process. This is real home industry! We can take you to a unique place where wooden and cement elephants are being handicrafted. Finally you can visit a place where the most beautiful dolls with traditional Asian or tribal dress are being handmade. Enjoy the Chiang Mai Handicrafts tours. Try to avoid Sundays or national holidays as usually not many people work on these days.

These are some of our standard Chiang Mai Handicrafts Tours:

CMA08 Chiang Mai Umbrella and local handicrafts Tour Visit to Bo Sang umbrella and handicrafts village at Luang Nua





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