Chiang Mai Coffee Tour

This Chiang Mai Coffee tour will bring you to Suan Lahu, a unique coffee plantation in the mountains north of Chiang Mai. Suan Lahu’s vision is shared by organic farming practitioners all over the world: Suan Lahu strives to see many more environmentally conscious farmers signing out of the debt, disease, and dependency they gain from the agro-chemical industry. It wants them to engage in eco-agriculture in order to benefit themselves and the environment. Suan Lahu’s mission is to set an local example for sustainable land and resource use in the mountainous areas around the Suan Lahu farm. In practicing eco-agriculture, the farm shows villagers an alternative to the hazardous farming practices that have given weak health to both young and old people.

You will spend the entire day at Suan Lahu. You will learn about growing coffee, you will be taken around the farm and partake in seasonal activities. It’s an active, educational and fun day full interesting activities, fresh air, healthy food, and most delicious coffee. You will learn about the Lahu Sheleh community. A sub-group of the Black Lahu, they are an ethnic minority originating from the Tibet/China border area. We will show you some old pictures of the Lahu from yesteryear and show you around Doi Mod, the community located next to the organic coffee farm. You will enjoy the Chiang Mai Coffee tour.

Another Coffee destination is the Doi Chang Coffee plantation and factory. The story of Doi Chang Coffee is as rich as the coffee itself. It’s set in a small village located about 30 ams from Chiang Rai.  It all began when the families of the Akha tribe living in Doi Chang Village united together to create their own coffee company. After 20 years of cultivating and processing coffee, the farmers grew frustrated selling their high quality beans for minimal prices to coffee dealers who would blend them with other inferior coffee beans. Through their own initiative, they decided it was time to directly offer the unique taste of their own premium, single-estate, organic Arabica coffee. You can include a visit to Doi Chang on a tour of Chiang Rai. You can also combine a visit to Doi  Chang with a three day trek.

These are the coffee tours we offer:

  • Suan Lahu Coffee day tour
  • Huay Khee Lek trekking including a visit to Doi Chang coffee plantation – three days/two nights


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