Chiang Mai Bicycle Taxi Tours

Exploring Chiang Mai by bicycle taxi is a refreshing as well as authentic experience. The bicycle taxi, in Thailand known as “samlor” is threatened with extinction unfortunately. Young people in Chiang Mai don't have the ambition to become a driver of a samlor. By promoting tours by samlor we hope to change this mindset. The samlor should not disappear from Chiang Mai streets. Let's try to keep this tradition alive.

We offer a number of Chiang Mai Bicycle Taxi Tours. The Chiang Mai Biciycle Taxi is called “samlor” which means “three wheels” in Thai language.  These tours we organise in cooperation with Chiang Mai on Three Wheels, a website that supports the drivers of samlors in Chiang Mai. Apart from that the tours aim to preserve the samlor as a cultural heritage of Chiang Mai. Before the age of the automobile there used to be hundreds of samlors on the roads of Chiang Mai. Now there are less than 70. Chiang Mai on Three Wheels considers the samlor a Chiang Mai heritage. For Chiang Mai people it is almost unimaginable that the samlor will disappear from the streets but this might well happen.

We want to preserve the samlor as a means of transportation in the future. At the same time we want to improve the livelihood of the drivers by offering some great samlor tours. There is no nicer way to explore the backstreets of Chiang Mai than by samlor. Exploring the backstreets of Chiang Mai on our Chiang Mai Bicycle Taxi Tours is like going back in time. During these tours you will see different things than you would expect to see during a vehicle based tour. We offer half day tours that start at Thapae Gate but can also embed your samlor tour in a full day tour or in a multiple day tour program. The tours offer great photo opportunities. The samlor drivers in general speak very little English. Therefore one of our experienced English speaking guides will accompany you. By going on these tours you not only support the elderly drivers of the samlors but also will contribute to the future of the samlor in Chiang Mai. Visit local markets, seldom visited temples and explore the backroads of Chiang Mai by samlor.


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